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Blasting in urban environments and near structures course (3-5 Oct 2023)

Course that will be held between October 3 and 5 on blasting in urban environments and near structures and that will expose the difficulties and problems of special blasting works executed in cities and near homes or sensitive buildings. The training grants 2 ECTS credits (20 hours of training) and will take place in person at the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Linares (Jaén) and remotely through the university's training platform. If the collegiate members want to follow this training, they have a special discount.

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Publication: We continue to invest in R&D&I because it will improve our operations.

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Completion of the blasting works in the Project for the improvement of the platform and roadbed of the road. SO-630, from SO-615 to N-122 (Matalebreras). Section: SO-P-1123 and Castilruiz. P.K. 24+500 to 40+065.

The Governing Council has approved the contracting of works to improve the platform and roadbed of 15.565 kilometers of the SO-630 road, from the SO-615 to the N-122 (Matalebreras), in the section between the SO-P-1123 road and Castilruiz, in the province of Soria. The works will consist of the widening of the roadway, the renovation of drainage works, the execution of the new road surface and reinforcement of the existing one, the construction of a new bridge over the Alhama river, the painting of road markings and the installation of vertical signaling and beaconing. The works affect the municipalities of Fuentes de Magaña, Cerbón, Magaña, Valdelagua del Cerro, Trévago, Fuentestrún and Castilruiz. The investment of funds will be by the Consejería de Fomento y Medio Ambiente.

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Drilling and blasting works for the exploitation project in the resource exploitation concession of Section C), quartz, called "Margarita" no. 6,732-10, in the municipality of Chagarcía Medianero (Salamanca) for Cosentino Group.

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Finish line ECODRONE Project

On behalf of the 'ECODRONE' consortium, we are excited to have completed the development of the 'ECODRONE' project. It was a fantastic experience for us and a great opportunity that brought us closer to the challenging environment of tunnels and underground mines. Technologically wise the ECODRONE project has given us the opportunity to embed state-of-the-art algorithms and IoT sensors for the digitalization of the environment and the sensing of hazardous gases in tunnels and underground mines. Business-wise has given the opportunity to open a dialogue with the mining industry and received strong indications on the market impact and commercial opportunities the ECODRONE could generate in underground operations. Feron Technologies P.C., VERTLINER, PERFORACIONES NOROESTE, berian Sustainable Mining Cluster (ISMC), MINE THE GAP. un paso más adelante MINESUR INGENIERÍA, SLU, VOLADURAS CARMONA, Qualifica2, S.L., IP CONTROL SL

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European Investment forum on raw materials (Madrid 1-06-2023)

PERFORACIONES NOROESTE, through its innovation project EcoDrone, associated to the European project MINE.THE.GAP EU project , participates in the invest day European forum on raw materials, a meeting of great interest, providing knowledge and opportunities for SMEs. We continue working to present new systems, offer resources to our customers and bring innovation to our work. Thanks to all organisers and participants MetaIndustry4 ICAMCyL Foundation Iberian Sustainable Mining Cluster (ISMC) #MineTheGap #Tunnels #UndergroundConstruction #CivilEngineering #Mining #consulting #innovation

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EDP awarded CRC the execution of the PSFV and CS VILLACASTÍN photovoltaic plant. The PSFV Villacastín of 13.00 MW of installed power located in the municipality of Santa María del Cubillo (Ávila) and the sectioning center located in the municipality of Villacastín (Segovia). The execution of the plant will include the use of existing roads and the construction of new roads. The plant will have 26,136.00 photovoltaic modules of 505 Wp forming strings of 29 panels, photovoltaic trackers, photovoltaic inverters and transformation center connected by underground power lines. The works carried out by PERFORACIONES NOROESTE were: √ Drilling and blasting works within the limits of the park for platform regularization. √ Pre-drilling services for the installation of solar panel supports.

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During the week of 09th to 12th May 2023, the Administration Conference of the main companies of the Group took place in Valverde Del Camino (Huelva), with the participation to Perforaciones Noroeste, Minesur Ingeniería, Voladuras Carmona and Geognosia. The main objective, to unify criteria and internal quality systems, has been more than surpassed and in a positive way it has been achieved an interaction of all the participants with a view to the promising future that awaits us.

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Demolition by Blasting March 20-24, 2023

During the week the Training Course - 3 ECTS Credits (30 hours) in "Demolition by Blasting" was held. The course was given by experienced engineers from EPC Groupe and Perforaciones del Noroeste. It has been a pleasure to collaborate in this training project and to count on the University of Jaén and the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Linares.

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Acquisition of GEOSEIS + seismograph from the French company SIMI.

We already have a GEOSEIS + seismograph from SIMI, an engineering company specialised in the use of explosives and priming devices for civil applications (quarries, public works, underground works, mining, demolitions). Founded in 1992 by René PUNTOUS, former technical director of Nitro-Bickford (subsidiary of EPC FRANCE) to exploit patents for pyrotechnical systems.

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Demolition by Blasting March 20-24, 2023 LINARES

EPC Groupe created together with the University of Jaén the EPC Groupe University Chair for the Training and Development of Sustainable Mining Technologies, whose objectives are to carry out research, continuous training and knowledge transfer activities related to technologies applied to the mining industry.

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We have brand new corporate image

We have carried out a complete redesign of our corporate image, modernising the logo after more than 40 years in the drilling sector.

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